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DragonIK - Universal Inverse Kinematics

  • An IK toolkit solution that dynamically and programmatically alters the pose of your characters during gameplay.
  • DragonIK provides multi-character foot placement, spine placement and a versatile lookat/aim solving for your characters and creatures. It simply works whether your character is a human, dog, snake, dragon or spider.

Features :

  • Extreme ease and simplicity of its workflow.
  • Get amazing results in as little as 5 minutes!
  • Highly versatile. Works on bipeds,quadrupeds,spiders and snake creatures.
  • The workflow expected is entirely through a few animation blueprints that require minimal tweaking but provides a great freedom of customization.
  • Developed in C++, used through animation blueprints. Highly optmized across platforms.
  • Automatically works under replication.
  • Realtime support and communication through discord. Get help from the dev or other community members if you are stuck!

Visit our public discord server for support! DragonIK Discord Server

Get it from the marketplace now! View sample project on GitHub (Requires plugin installed)

You can also shoot a mail at (discord communication is recommended for easier realtime communication)


DragonIK is a copyright trademark of Eternal Monke Games. Its license follows the Marketplace Distribution Agreement set by Epic Games. Marketplace Distribution_license.